Womens Fashion Models

I am interested to know what you all feel about the portrayal of female models we see in mainly the print media IE newspapers and magazines today.

They appear to look very androgynous and sometimes robotic with very weird eye makeup. Far too skinny and young revealing no feminine curves, how on earth can they really induce us to think the public (who they are supposed to market and sell to) could identify with these poor unfortunate looking women?.

Also just how many women could ever fit or look good in these anorexic looking fashions fit really for children’s figures ?. In Australia these sizes are size 6 to 10 only. After that we can only surmise that from size 12 and up if these garments were made in larger sizes would be a poor reflection on the designers intention and vanities. Sometimes I wonder if they are misogynistic to treat women in this manner.

I am always interested when finding designs for my Simply Silk and Bambootoo labels to find styles that are not only comfortable to wear but look flattering to most women.  I also receive a lot of feedback from women who own their own boutiques who tell me what their customers are after but no one is presently supplying these styles and so I try to cater for this clientele . I am always open to suggestions for new designs so please feel you can call or email me with your suggestions.

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