What is slow fashion ? Is it timeless classic fashion?

Slow fashion is when you have styles that are timeless and classic. This means it does not respond to the vagaries of fashion dictates and change each season. It is also made of high quality fabrics that are destined to last like silk, linen and cashmere.

The movement for slow fashion is apparantly taking off overseas especially in Britain and Europe. Here there is a move away from cheap, usually man made materials and garments where sweat shop labour is often employed. In this economic climate it makes good financial sense to buy well made garments made of natural fibres that not only last but you feel good and comfortable wearing them.

In 2007 the editor of Vogue magazine Alexandra Shulman compared throwaway budget fashion to fast food, by stating in Britain’s Daily Mail that ‘a trip to a chain store could be as instantly fulfilling as a Big Mac’. She could foresee a ‘return of the timeless, treasured classics’

This of course is not a new concept for the generation that grew during wartime or the depression where you made your clothing last, passed them down to younger siblings or altered them when needed.

This is why Simply Silk has designed a range of classic timeless styled silk slips that can also be worn as nighties or even dresses (with some help from accessories). I have even worn my nightie for 3 years now and it looks like lasting another 3 years easily. The tops and knits also can be worn as inner or outer wear depending on the climate and will last a long time when cared for properly. This ensures we do not add unnecessarily to landfill and maintain a smaller footprint on our environment.

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