Tell me what you want in Silk or bamboo clothing

As you know for almost ten years now I have been in the business of manufacturing silk and more recently bamboo clothing under my Simply Silk and Bambootoo labels.

I am always on the lookout for new styles that can fit the majority of people and also colours that suit most skin colourings. I really am not just about what is in fashion currently but more what people want to suit their own figures and colourings.

It is funny because I am probably unlike most people as I normally don’t like to wear what other people are wearing, I like to think I am unique so can wear what I like.   Many of my friends think this is quite amusing knowing I am in the fashion industry but like to be contrary to the latest fashions. I think the so called ‘latest ‘ fashions anyway are just rehashes of what has been before i.e.  back to the future ideas. I cannot believe all people want to look alike and many would like to show their individuality through what they wear.

Obviously most of us are only limited by our imagination as we can do so much with our wardrobe now but often don’t know how. I have a friend who is a  fashion stylist who can pick up a simply garment even from me and change it into at least 10 different ways to wear it. It really puts me to shame with  my lack of this imaginative ability. Suppose I am too concrete in my ideas and trying to be as practical and pragmatic as I can. One day I will work on developing this though. Regardless I do require your imput on new styles etc so please let me know you ideas. Many thanks.

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