The smell of man made fabrics is a DEAD giveaway! Why you should switch to natural fabrics like silk or bamboo.

Recently I was in the UK, yes for business and pleasure but as the weather got decidedly cooler I noticed  the shops were forced to keep their doors closed to keep the heat in.  So on entering a store that had been closed up for a while the first thing that hits you is the smell. Yes the smell of polyester and other man made fibres is all pervasive. If they sell shoes or bags made of polyurethane commonly called PU and that about sums it up also, the odour emanating from the stores is worse. I really feel sorry for the staff who are forced to sell in this environment. They must welcome the fresh air when they leave.

Since arriving back to Australia that old familiar smell of chemical clothing is omnipresent. Why is this so you may ask?  Well it is unfortunately what many manufacturers are producing because of the cheaper prices polyester clothing and their like cost to make. Apparantly we the public are not prepared to pay slightly more (though not always) for clothing made of natural fabrics. Many of my customers also tell me of dreadful allergies they get from wearing these garments and then contact me for my natural range of silk or bamboo garments. So it is not only the offensive smell that should be an early warning device, ie that if it smells this bad maybe it really is harmful to our health and our environment  to produce and wear these garments? I would love to get your feedback on this subject.

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