Silk prices going up

Unfortunately we hear from our suppliers mainly in China, that silk prices have been steadily increasing, and in fact have already gone up by 38% in the past 2 years. I have been trying to fathom why this is and will get a response soon but usually it is when demand outstrips supply. We also

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Silk Pillowcases

Silk Pillowcases - Simply Silk and Bambootoo

When is pure silk not pure silk? Recently I saw some silk pillowslips advertised online. They seemed quite a bit cheaper than the ones I sell though Simply Silk  so I wondered what they would be like if I ordered some. Well they did come in a box  that stated they were pure silk pillowcases

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Fashion waste grows in Australia

Taupe bamboo dress

Australians are the second largest consumers of new textiles worldwide and, at the same time, fashion is one of Australia’s fastest growing waste problems. RMIT has announced an exhibition around the cost of fast fashion, with 11 workers killed in the latest controversy to hit the sector. Their exhibition Fast Fashion: the dark side of

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What fabrics and clothes are we recycling?

Recycling Clothing Ecoture brand manager Caitlan Clark claims less than half of clothing collection bins belong to legitimate charity recyclers. Ecoture, an ethical and sustainable fashion platform, has launched a ‘Waste not, Want not’ campaign aimed at tackling textile waste. In discussing the venture, Clark claimed she was “shocked” to discover a dark underbelly in

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Mother’s Day

Silk Clothing for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to spoil your mother or yourself with Silk. Either as silk clothing or silk accessories such as silk pillowcases or silk eyemasks. Silk is a fibre, a protein like your skin that when made up into garments is something that makes a person feel very special and less likely

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Silk dresses and their lining materials

Simply Silk

One great property of silk is its ability to absorb colours from natural clothing dyes. This makes it a wonderful fabric to make scarves and dresses out of. Often though you will find rather expensive silk dresses made of silk fabric (either a fine silk chiffon or georgette silk) that requires a lining as this

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Storm in a DD cup. Does sizing matter?

I recently read in the latest June edition of Ragtrader, a fashion industry magazine, where editor Tracy Porter highlighted the issues consumers have with sizing in the clothing industry. Some manufacturer’s even have different sizing amongst their own labels. It is hoped that the federal government will soon introduce a voluntary national sizing standard and

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