Silk Sleepwear for Men

Just lately i.e. in the past year I have had more requests for silk sleepwear for men by men. Yes I think we all know men are not presently the biggest purchasers of any clothing. They are often content to wear the same clothes year in and year out. In fact for many  the older the better.  They will keep wearing them with much loved holes etc with pride.

Now I appreciate there is not much out there for men in the silk department as previously there was not much demand.  I even conducted a google search for a male customer of mine and couldn’t find much out in cyberspace and most was for satin not silk. I would like to know just what the demand is so I can get some sleepwear manufactured but need to know a couple of things first. Just how many men want silk sleepwear and secondly what kind of style do they want, ie long or short silk pj’s (Pyjamas)  a nightshirt or just silk singlets, silk underpants and silk socks?.If there is anyone out there who can assist me in this research I would love to know.

If I get a very favourable response I am happy to get some items made and if contributors want to provide me with their details and colour preference that would be helpful too.

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