Silk scarves cleaning tips

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves is a must have accessory. Most women have at least one silk scarf in their wardrobe. Many people will agree with me when I say that silk is in fact the queen of all fabric and everybody loves the smooth feel that it gives us.

Silk scarves

Silk scarves

Tips on how to clean your silk scarves

There are not so many people who know how to effectively clean up silk scarves and by following a few quick tips, you will be able to keep them clean all year round. Because of the luxury silk scarves are known for and since silk is a special fabric requiring special care, it is very vital that you clean them good after every time your  Sometimes we don’t have the time to bring to the dry cleaners and also cleaning a once off smudge won’t usually warrant the dry clean.

There are, however, other more general methods that you can utilize to clean your silk scarves. Silk is very delicate, but that does not mean that you won’t be able to clean it in your own home. The cleaning method that I am about to show you works with all kinds of silk products including silk scarves, silk pants and other pieces of silk clothing.

The first thing that you have to do is prepare the cleaning solution. You can easily find the silk detergent in any local convenience store and then you can add it into clean water by following a certain ratio as the instructions suggest. After you have done this, soak your silk scarves in the solution for about 5 to 10 minutes and then softly stir the scarves with your hands. For better results clean up the scarves one by one. If there is any kind of serious dirt stain on the scarf, massage it gently using your finger pulps. After you have stirred it enough, rinse the scarf completely using only clean water for several times until there is no detergent left on the scarf. Put the wet silk scarves on a clean towel and roll the towel up. Gently press the towel to make sure that you dry the silk scarves well. After you are done, hang the silk scarves with hangers and dry them in a shaded place, because if they are directly exposed to the sun they will soon lose their colour.

This general way to clean your silk scarves looks easy and it actually is. However, there are several points that you should keep in mind in order to get the best possible results.

  1.      The temperature of the water should be controlled to be below 30 degrees Celsius.
  2.      It is highly recommended that you use silk special detergents. Silk is acid resistant but not alkali so you should avoid using alkali detergents or even soap detergents.
  3.      You should wash your silk scarves separately from all of your other clothes.
  4.      You have to be very gentle during the cleaning process. Do not twist the scarves, or clean them with regular washing machine.
  5.      Rinse them completely until there is not any detergent left.
  6.      Air them with a sleek hanger so you avoid the damage that a traditional one would do.
  7.      Air them in a shaded place and do not expose them to direct sunlight.
  8.      If you do need to iron your silk scarves, keep the temperature of the iron low.

Be careful of the hand nails

Because of the fact that silk is very delicate, it is a common issue for sharp finger nails to get caught in the fabric or even wedding rings causing damage during the cleaning process. Most of the damage will come from your careless hand touch. Another way that you can try cleaning your silk scarves without concerning about any damages to the fabric is using a simple glass bottle. You can put the dirty silk scarves and the detergent solution into the bottle, then cover it tightly with a lid and shake it. There will be no damage done to the silk scarves and it can be done easily. The rinse process is the same as with normal cleaning.

When you are getting yourself silk scarves, you should know about ways that you can clean them on your own. However, if you don’t trust yourself completely with such a task just send them to the dry cleaners!

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