Silk prices going up

Unfortunately we hear from our suppliers mainly in China, that silk prices have beensteadily going up, and in fact have already gone up by 38% in the past 2 years.

I have been trying to fathom why this is and will get a response soon but usually it is when demand outstrips supply. We also know that basic wages for labour in China are rising too. There is a growing middle class in China and no doubt they want the fine things in life we all want. When you think the first silk did in fact originate from China thousands of years ago who can blame them. In fact silkworm cocoons were only secreted to the west via the hollow walking sticks of visiting monks, allegedly.

What does this mean for companies like Simply Silk ? Well obviously we will be unable to hold our existing prices for long and all our silk clothing and accessories will have to rise. So the best suggestion is to get your silk purchases in soon before this happens,  at least before Christmas.

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