Silk pillowcases

I have been selling pure silk pillowcases for about 3 years now and have literally sold hundreds of them based on the suggestions of a friend who just loves them.

I tried different colours but ended up with ivory and black as the most popular choices. Lately though I have ordered pewter which is a dark silver colour and can go with many other coloured bedding. These have been handy as gifts but are really lovely to sleep on. Stops bed hair (you know when you get up in the morning and your hair sometimes stands on end) by making your hair slide on the pillowcase. and not grip as it does with cotton pillowcases

Apparently, so I am told by hairdressers, dermatologists and other  health professionals that for people being treated with chemotherapy for cancer it appears to help minimise hair loss. Hair does not cling to the pillowcase especially if they are cotton as it tends to glide and not grip when they  sleep on the soft,  glossy silk pillowcases. It also stops your hair from overheating. Silk as we all know is a natural fibre that breathes and also makes us feel good and also not over heat our heads. Some Chinese people also told me that they believe having silk is so close to the human skin (both being a protein) that it also minimises wrinkles.  I do not know the science behind this so cannot verify this but it certainly does feel lovely and restful to sleep on.

Simply Silk  ‘silk pillow cases can be machine washed  but of course last longer if washed by hand.Charmeuse Silk Pillowcases

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