Silk Pillowcases

Silk Pillowcases - Simply Silk and Bambootoo

I think we already know most of the features and benefits of wearing silk clothing next to our skin, but recently I have heard several anecdotal stories about the benefits of using silk pillowcases and eye masks. I decided to invest in some myself and have had amazing feedback from several sources.

Older women have always told me that it was well known that silk pillowcases were used to keep their latest hairstyle in place, but I have also heard from several women that they were advised to use silk pillowcases by their hairdressers and dermatologists. Silk is considered hypoallergenic and so is recommended for people with skin allergies.  Apparently the protein in silk has amino acids that help treated and damaged hair.

I have also heard from people having chemotherapy that they have been advised by a health professional to buy a silk pillowcase, as it minimises hair loss. I understand that silk would help the hair glide over your pillow by reducing friction and suspect because silk ‘breathes’ , it would also stop your head from overheating at night.

I would be interested to hear your stories on this topic… in the meantime try them for yourself.

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