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Wearing silk pants for women can give a new sense of comfort. We all love the feel of silk on our skin. At Simply Silk, we can help you match the right pairs so they go along well with your unique style? With the silk pants we sell this is not such a hard feat to accomplish, but still there are some basic advice that you might want to follow so you look your best next time you go out with your friends or family.

silk pants

silk pants

Silk pants colour options

As you all are probably well aware of, white is usually considered to be somewhat of a summerish colour because of the great comfort that it gives people. At Simply Silk, one of our best selling silk pants colour is white. If ever you find yourself in the situation that you are unsure on your colour option, the safest option is always white. Although you might be worried about getting your white silk pants dirty, rest assured, a little known secret about silk pants is that they are very easy to clean, wash and dry. Anyone will be able to wash your silk pants, they are surprisingly very easy to maintain. At our online store silk pants are available in a variety of different colours that you can choose from.

silk pants

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Silk pants style options

The other great thing about silk pants is that they come in a variety of types that you can choose from ranging from trouser cut silk pants, drawstring pants to loose style pants. At Simply Silk we have many silk pants to choose from. If it ever becomes difficult to choose something you like, feel free to contact us and one of our customer service representatives can guide you through the best silk pants to select. Our team have years of experience understanding silk pants that will suit your needs, whether it be for outdoor use, going on long walks or long drives we will have something that will suit you. Most of the silk pants we have available go well with a variety of tops, you shouldn’t have any difficulty trying to mix and match.


Matching with your silk pants

A thing that you can try is wearing a matching silk top. A good idea might be to avoid wearing some of the more heavy silks such as chiffon, charmeuse or a duoppioni, because such types of silk fabrics are mostly used during evening wear. However, you should always choose the silk that you want, so whatever you like go for it. My advice is just to try looking for a lighter weighted silk fabric like for example noil which is very soft to the skin and as a matter of fact shares some similarities with cotton. When you are wearing it you will surely feel great comfort because of the smooth fabric of the silk for both your top and pants.

However, this is just one of the many types of tops that you can combine with your silk pants for a great look. Just keep in mind that you should always strive to get fabrics that have a smoother feeling to them and are light in weight. This kind of fabric would surely be a great match for your silk pants. Silk is known for its great smoothness and you will definitely feel comfort when you are wearing your pants. If you are for example going with white silk pants, a good idea might be to get some kind of brightly coloured shirt, or in case you are more casual a t-shirt would also be a great addition.


Buying Silk Pants

If you are interested in getting your new silk pants we can promise that at Simply Silk we delivery the highest quality and affordable prices for all silk clothing. We make the buying process easy so all you need to do is choose the style of silk pants and the colour. If you want to ask any questions before you buy, feel free to contact Simply Silk over the phone and finalise the order with one of our professional customer friendly sales staff.  Next time when you are thinking of getting new silk pants remember to buy from Simply Silk. Our silk pants will look great, are comfortable and they can be combined with many types of tops!

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