Simply Silk – How many uses for the word

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Silk and my Journey

I was out with some good friends recently and they asked me when I first became interested in silk. I had to think hard as we often hear the word silk used in so many different contexts, ie lawyers taking silk and jockeys wearing silk.

But I remember the first time I came across the term silk and it was when I was harnessed to one as a parachute. To be quite honest I really am unsure if it was silk or just called silk, but regardless of that it did keep me suspended when I needed it most, floating down to what was almost terra firma on my first parachute jump. I completed this foolhardy escapade in a country then known as Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). They were in the midst of a civil war so safety standards were  somewhat abridged.

Yes I was one of those foolish people who innocently wondered out loud about what it would be like to jump out of a plane. Well before I knew it I was completing  a quick weekend course, that really involved showing you how to deflect your weight when you landed.  I was then off in an old Cessna circling the skies to gain height for this anticipated adrenalin rush.

I had asked my trainer how long it would take me to land and he said around 3 minutes.

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