Silk dresses and their lining materials

Simply Silk

One great property of silk is its ability to absorb colours from natural clothing dyes. This makes it a wonderful fabric to make scarves and dresses out of. Often though you will find rather expensive silk dresses made of silk fabric (either a fine silk chiffon or georgette silk) that requires a lining as this silk is see through and very light.

To keep manufacturing costs down or maximise profits several rag traders/companies make the lining for these silk dresses out of nylon, polyester, acetate or some other man made materials. This of course defeats the purpose and benefits of wearing silk close to your skin and maximise all those useful benefits mentioned previously in my other blogs.

So next time you are out shopping for a silk dress check the inside labels carefully. Make sure that if the dress doesn’t have a silk lining then at least ensure it is made of a natural fibre. Othewise on hot humid days you could find when wearing your silk dress, it becomes very hot and sticky. People often complain then that silk is hot when in fact it is the man made lining that is the culprit.

In fact it is always a good idea to check the inner labels to see what the garment is made of. I have had several sales staff tell me something was silk when in fact it was 100% polyester when I checked it out.

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