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When is pure silk not pure silk?

Recently I saw some silk pillowslips advertised online.

They seemed quite a bit cheaper than the ones I sell though Simply Silk  so I wondered what they would be like if I ordered some. Well they did come in a box  that stated they were pure silk pillowcases on the outside and were advertised as ……..

Mulberry Silk Pillowcases   …… The Most Beneficial Fibre For Your Hair & Skin

Touted not only as a symbol of luxury, silk is packed with natural benefits which have elevated it to a heroic status in beauty circles. Sleeping on silk is known to reduce the visual signs of ageing, improve the appearance of your skin, reduce hair damage and frizz, and extend the life of your blow wave or hair style. Experience this natural miracle worker for yourself with these pillowcases which feature 100% mulberry silk on the front and an anti-slip fabric reverse. They also have the added benefit of regulating your temperature, breathing well and being hypoallergenic’.

It appeares the ‘pure’ silk part only related to half of the pillowcase as the so called ‘anti-slip’ side was made of a very slippery polyester fabric and also called the reverse of the pillowcase. I do get concerned that many manufacturers make certain claims that they are unable to substantiate. This also made it obvious why the cost of these ‘silk’ pillowcases was relatively inexpensive. I think as consumers we need to be made aware of these marketing slight of hand techniques. They can easily bluff many consumers into thinking they are getting the real deal but in reality they are not. Probably a case of caveat emptor !

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