Kimonos/ Yukatas White print SOLD OUT


White and Blue yakata

Kimonos/ Yukatas White print SOLD OUT


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Our Japanese Made pure cotton Kimonos or as they are more correctly known as Yukatas.

They come in  ivory/white with Navy characters . They have wide sleeves and a belt that fastens at the waist.

A true Japanese traditional kimono is made of silk while the similar styled yukata is made of cotton

It is common to wear it anywhere in hotels and obviously at home, including when you sleep. The right side goes under the left side and the belt is wrapped around the waist and tied in the front. ..You can wear a wide belt called an obi but this does not come with these yukatas, only the belt is included.

Fabric is 100% cotton that is designed and made in Japan.

These fit men or women 150cms -190cms  in height with a waist less than 110cms. These are one size only and can be worn by both men and women

Care: Can be machine washed but it is advised not to tumble dry.





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Ivory, Navy