Charmeuse Silk Pillowcases SOLD OUT

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Charmeuse Silk Pillowcases - Simply Silk
Simply Silk Pillowcase
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Pewter silk pillowcase
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Charmeuse Silk Pillowcases SOLD OUT

Our luxurious pure charmeuse silk pillowcase are sold individually or as a pair and fit a regular sized pillow (47cms x 75cms).

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Charmeuse Silk Pillowcases

Unique Features

They come with attractive matching ivory or black piping around the sides in popular Ivory, Black and our new Pewter colours.

Sold out of Pewter silk pillowcases.

How to use silk pillowcase and their unique characteristics and benefits

Apart for assisting you to a good night’s sleep our silk pillowcase is perfect for keeping hair styles in place. Because pure silk is a protein like your hair, our silk pillowcase adds shine and condition to your hair and are recommended by leading hairdressers.

Several health professionals recommend that people undergoing chemotherapy sleep on a Charmeuse Silk Pillowcases to minimise hair loss. It allows your hair to glide over your pillow thereby reducing friction. Because silk is a natural fibre that breathes, it helps keep your head at a steady temperature, so that you don’t over heat.

Created for people who love the feeling of silk next to their skin and the benefits of it. A silk pillowcase makes your hair glide over the pillow and eliminates bed hair and facial wrinkles.

Fabric Care

Our silk pillowcase is completely machine washable. The only safeguards are the following: Wash on a gentle cycle. Keep the temperature to 40C. Don’t use enzymatic or alkaline soap. We recommend a gentle soap, mild shampoo or a wool wash product. After all silk is a protein (like your hair) so you do not want to destroy this property and subsequent benefits. Hand washing though is still the best option to add longevity to your silk pillowcase.


Simply Silk’s silk pillowcase comes complimentarily individually gift packed in a organza and tafetta bag with a pretty ribbon.


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Black, Ivory, Pewter

Pack Size

Double $95, Single $55