Bamboo Dress with Sleeves in Grape


Bamboo Dress with Sleeves in Grape


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This grape bamboo slip dress with sleeves can be worn as either a slip under a transparent dress or by themselves as a nightie or as many people have done as a dress.

Unique features of your bamboo slip

These grape bamboo slip dresses are ideal to wear when travelling as they are so soft and comfortable to wear anywhere. Their versatility means they can be worn in several ways ie inner or outer wear. They come in black, ivory and the new black colour in 4 sizes S- XL  They come with ¾ sleeves for the cooler months. Because they are made of bamboo they have several properties such as breathability meaning they are warm in winter and cool in summer. They also offer UV protection and antimicrobial and antibacterial thus minimising any unpleasant odours.


Grape bamboo slip dresses are versatile garments, made of 95% bamboo fibre and 5% spandex to maintain shape are lovely and soft to wear with enough stretch to make them comfortable to wear.

Fabric Care

These bamboo slip dress garments are completely machine washable. The only safeguards are the following: Wash on a gentle cycle on your washing machine preferably in a washing bag. Keep the temperature to 40C. Do not use an enzymatic or alkaline soap. We recommend a gentle soap, mild shampoo or a wool wash product.