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The Simply Silk Label was a collaboration with my good friend Jan who knew more about patterns, sewing and designs than I did while I concentrated on finding new suppliers to manufacture our designs in Vietnam. We contacted several sources both within Australia and Vietnam and then proceeded to find the best service/price/ delivery times etc

Also tried to engage some local manufacturers in Sydney one of whom  did a good job making some of our products up but at twice the price we could get them made overseas. We knew the price point would be unacceptable to the local market so we ventured OS to Ho Chi Minh to meet up with the 7 manufacturers I had lined up.  We had so much fun staying in this exotic city and took many a ride on the back of motor bikes just for the fun of it with no helmets either! Usually it cost us more than the comfort of the air cond taxi but we could do that in Sydney.

I even arranged for us to go to a beautiful place in the mountains called Dalat for a  weekend in between business appointments. I thought we would travel  by bus figuring it was only 150 KMS away, well 9 hours later we arrived! It actually took us longer to cover these 150 kms of winding roads than it took to fly from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh.

So we jumped again on the back of a a couple Easy Rider bikes and took off to see the sites of this much cooler city and all it contained. We saw the ‘crazy house’ designed by a Vietnamese woman trained in the old Soviet Union with themed rooms and very unusual architecture, also pagodas and gondolas as we rushed at break neck speed to see as much of the place before the sun went down.

We had to make plans for leaving the next day for our return bus journey as there were no spare flights leaving the next day. Still it was only 8 hours (going downhill this time) on the more desirable  TOURIST BUS  trip back to HCM. Needless to say it was not one of my better plans for weekend entertainment. We did also sampled the night markets of Dalat and  all the unusual local dishes  of which we were lucky to recognize a few of the ingredients. Delicious  it was as the food in Vietnam was always fresh and certainly made us lose a few pounds as it was such a healthy alternative to what passed through our lips back home!.

more next week…..

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