Mother’s Day

Silk Clothing for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to spoil your mother or yourself with Silk. Either as silk clothing or silk accessories such as silk pillowcases or silk eyemasks.

Silk is a fibre, a protein like your skin that when made up into garments is something that makes a person feel very special and less likely to discard after a few wears. Apart from the fact it is a natural and environmentally friendly fabric, it has many beneficial properties. It can keep you cool in the warmer months, but warm in the cooler months. Also it can wick perspiration away from your skin and is great for sensitive skins or skin allergies. Most people love the way it caresses their body, but worry about how to care for it.

Simply Silk’s garments have been made so that they can be hand washed. This can be done with hand soap or mild shampoos. You can even do this when you are in the shower. No fancy detergents required.

Silk naturally repels dirt and body odours so you really don’t even need to wash it as often as other fabrics. A real saving both in time and cost of soaps etc.

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