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Simply Silk News

Simply Silk News – Yes I know it is eons since I have written anything about silk and I am happy to keep writing more about silk if it is what you want to know about. I think though that I have already made a good start albeit a few years ago, and well there really is no excuse not to keep writing except apathy. This does not mean I am not passionate about silk or bamboo or other natural fibres and clothing as I am, but I think I was just a little burnt out with the business side of things to continue at this time..

So decided to really tell you how I got into this fashion field with my own labels  when  my background was in the aged care industry. Totally unrelated you might think.

I had started Simply Silk really as a response to trying to leave my previous job which included among many things accrediting/assessing aged care facilities so they met a set of national standards, offering industry advice, consulting and training,  all so hostels and nursing homes in NSW and ACT could get their facilities accredited for the next 3 years.

Some places we went to in the country and regional areas has staff who were so petrified when we came around wearing our accessors hats that we would close them down if we found things that were not as they should be. In reality this was never going to happen or only under extreme circumstances. After all if you did close one of the bigger facilities down where would you put the the residents?. Hospitals were already full and there was no where else suitable to care for out frail aged.

Still aged care was often the only source of employment in these places so it was very important to all who resided or worked in these places that all went well on our visit.

Anyway after doing this for few years I needed a change so I took off after I turned the magic age of 50  to Vietnam and Cambodia, back packing for a month and having a great time again. It really took 10 years off my life though am not sure if it was the freedom of jumping on the back of motor bikes, or the humidity in both countries filling out the wrinkles in my face making me appear younger. Maybe it was the 5 kgs I lost eating such beautiful healthy fresh food  and talking to all sorts of people from every nationality which I really love doing.

So after this wonderful opportunity it was difficult to settle back down to the work I had done before so decided on  reflection that I had seen some lovely silk items while on my travels and thought of the possibility of a business opportunity in the silk trade. So I was on my way….

more next week!

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