Some of the Benefits of Wearing Bamboo Clothing

Some Reasons to Wear Bamboo Clothing

What is bamboo fibre?

Bamboo fibre is a kind of regenerated cellulose fibre, which takes natural bamboo (a grass) as its raw material and refines it using technology.

Hygroscopic and breathable

With many small ellipse openings or holes besprinkling on the cross section means it can effectively absorb and evaporate human perspiration, making it feel cool in summer and warm in winter. A trans seasonal fabric ideal for clothing.

Antibacterial and acts as a deodorant

Scientists found that bamboo has a unique natural antibacterial agent in its fibre. Bacteria will grow rapidly in cotton and other fibres obtained from wood pulp, often forming bad smells and causing early degradation of the fibre in some cases. 75% of harmful bacteria will be killed after 24 hours in bamboo fibre, and this was originally discovered by Japan authorities. It was later confirmed by studies conducted by the National Textile Inspection Association, China (NTIA) and Shanghai Microorganism Research Institute, that discovered bamboo fibres have natural antibacterial properties. Even after fifty washes, fabrics made from bamboo fibre are found to possess excellent antibacterial functions thus eliminating unwanted odours.

Ultraviolet radiation resistant

Bamboo fibre can effectively protect our skin from the radicalization of ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet ray penetration rate of bamboo fibre is 0.06%, while that of cotton is 25%.The facts show that the anti-ultraviolet ray’s capability of bamboo fibre is 417 times stronger than cotton.


Being essentially a grass Bamboo can grow very fast. A large number of cutting and applications of bamboo will not damage the environment. Bamboo fibre can be completely biodegraded in soil by microorganism and sunshine, without causing environmental pollution.

Soft and luxurious

Finally bamboo fibre is fine contributing to its soft hand feeling like silk and velour, moreover it can be dyed bright colours, has good wear resistance which makes the fabrics not only cozy and comfortable to wear but is beautiful in appearance.

What can Bamboo fibre be used for?

Home textiles–like bedding, curtains, towels, carpet etc.

Apparel–like T-shirt, socks, underwear etc.

Hospital textiles–like gauze, bandage, patient’s beddings etc.

Baby’s nappies, scaffolding and floorboards are just some of the other applications of this versatile Bamboo grass.


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