About Us

Although my background was not in fashion, but in nursing and health management, I knew if I could bring a range of timeless and classic silk wear to Australian women at an affordable price then it would become a wardrobe staple. I approached my business with the view that while I might be inexperienced in the fashion industry, as a woman I knew that to be comfortable and elegant at an affordable price is something every woman aspires to.

I have since met many good designers who have provided me with styles and designs that meet the needs of my target market. However I have also had many Simply Silk customers both wholesale and retail  who have provided valuable feedback to me with regard to styles that they think I should get to market. I have endevoured to do this where there is demand.

Ann Poppelwell - Simply Silk Founder

My mission is to ensure every woman, young or old, petite or full figured gets to experience the pleasure of wearing silk. Because of this, my garments are made to be durable, wearable, washable and affordable. Silk is a natural and hypoallergenic fibre that breathes, which not only keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, it also means that it does not readily absorb odours and is also perfect for women who and oversee production and quality control.

In 2008-9 I launched my Bambootoo range of tops, pants and jackets made of the bamboo fabric. These have proved very successful and I have received so much positive feedback on the benefits of wearing bamboo ( which has similar properties as silk but at at a more affordable pricepoint). I am constantly on the lookout for more designs to make out of bamboo, so please let me know if there is a style you would like to see made up in bamboo.

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If you are not 100% happy with your clothing purchases we will refund or replace your items.

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